Auto Insurance

One of the greatest exposures to risk that most people face on a daily basis is driving in their car. With that said, auto insurance can be some of the most important and complicated insurance you will ever buy. Auto insurance can protect you against an under or uninsured motorist. It can protect you against property damage to others. It can also protect you and your passengers should one of you be injured and require medical attention.   Here are just a few of the examples of the specific coverages that our insurance professionals discuss with you during the process:

o   Liability Limits

o   Medical Payments to others

o   Property Damage Limits

o   Towing and Labor

o   Deductible Options

o   Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

o   Personal Injury Protection

o   Rental

Most states have mandatory minimum coverage requirements, but at Keller Leopold Insurance we strive to help you determine if those minimum requirements are adequate to truly protect you in the event of a loss.   It is important to understand how those specific coverages will affect you should you have to file a claim.

It is our mission at Keller Leopold Insurance to make clear the choices available to you for your auto insurance and help you choose the right policy to protect you from the risks of owning and driving your vehicle.