Homeowner's Insurance

For most people the single largest purchase is also their largest investment. Of course for most that is their home, and protecting that home from risk is a priority and often required by most mortgage lenders.

Many questions arise when the purchase of a new home occurs or when someone is looking to move insurance carriers or agents. As a consumer you may be asking yourself what deductibles should I have? What liability limits make sense? How do I determine the replacement cost value of my home? These questions and more can all be answered by one of our skilled insurance professionals.

At Keller Leopold Insurance, we strive to take the confusion out of buying homeowner’s insurance. We will work with your specific situation to customize a homeowner’s policy that meets your specific needs and minimize your exposure to risk.

In the end it all really comes down to this: The needs of every homeowner are different and the policy should reflect that. Let us share with you how our insurance professionals can customize the right homeowner’s policy for you.