• Home

    For most people the single largest purchase is also their largest investment. Of course for most that is the home, and protecting that home from risk is a priority for most home owners and often required by most mortgage lenders.


    Many questions arise when the purchase of a new home occurs or when someone is looking to move insurance carriers or agents. As a consumer you may be asking yourself what deductibles should I have? What liability limits make sense? How do I determine the replacement cost value of my home? These questions and more can all be answered by one of our skilled insurance professionals.


    We strive to take the confusion out of buying homeowner’s insurance. We will work with your specific situation to customize a homeowner’s policy that meets your specific needs and minimize your exposure to risk. At Keller Leopold we work with industry leaders such as Farmers Alliance, Met Life, EMC, Allstate, The Hartford, and SafeCo. This gives you many options allowing you to compare carriers and coverage’s thus allowing you to make the most informed decision.


    In the end it all really comes down to this: The needs of every homeowner are different and the policy should reflect that. Let us share with you how our insurance professionals can customize the right homeowner’s policy for you. Be sure to ask about pairing it with your auto insurance to take advantage of the multi-policy discounts that many carriers offer.

  • Health and Life

    Preparing for the future is something that most people do not take lightly. No one knows this better than Keller Leopold. In addition to our expertise in Property and Casualty insurance we have a dedicated group of professionals who understand the value of life insurance for our customers.


    Life insurance comes in many shapes, sizes and styles and so to do the needs of our customers. Being able to clearly explain the differences in term life versus whole life, variable versus universal life is key to helping our customers prepare for the future. The key to life insurance is providing security to loved ones in the event of death.


    Our relationship with Target Insurance Services gives us access to large life insurance carriers. Genworth, West Coast Life, ING, Prudential, Principal are just a few of the carriers we have access to through the partnership with Target Insurance Services. In addition to those carriers some of our Auto and Home insurers like Met Life and EMC also offer life insurance and many times that will result in discounts on your home and auto insurance.


    Since the presentation of the Affordable Health Care Act in 2010 there has been much discussion about health care. From rising costs, complicated plans, in network or out of network, there is a lot to have questions about.


    Whether you need to insure a small or large group or an individual we work with the leaders in group and individual health insurance, having direct relationships with UHC, Preferred Health Systems/Coventry, Starmark, and Harrington Health. This means for you, options.


    The key thing to remember about health insurance is that it is very customizable. With deductible options, out of pocket options and prescription coverage there are many ways to make health insurance affordable. Be sure to ask about the different health plan options available.


    Keller Leopold’s ability to bring quality life and health products does not stop there. Keller Leopold can offer you options in Long Term Care, Disability, (long term and short term disability) 401K implementation, and annuities.

  • Farm and Crop

    Keller Leopold began with one simple and clear idea, protect and secure the wheat crops of the Southwest Kansas Farmer. That same tradition carries on today some 70 years later. As a multi-line insurance agency offering competitive agriculture and crop insurance services, we are proud to continue our commitment to the Kansas Farmer.


    Whether you are wanting to insure high valued livestock, large commercial farm or a hobby farm Keller Leopold has the experience, products and the know how to create the best insurance solution for your operation minimizing your exposure to risk.


    Keller Leopold partners with the leaders in Agriculture Insurance. Working with these companies gives our customers choices, choices in the insurance carrier, coverage’s, and deductibles just to name a few. Insurance is not one size fits all. We at Keller Leopold understand that insurance needs to be customized and tailored to fit your specific operation. We strive to make that process smooth. You will find that our agents take the time to learn about your business. This in turn allows us to create from the ground up the correct insurance program for you. You will regularly see our agents visiting you in person, not just sending your annual renewal in the mail or making the occasional phone call. We are committed to being a partner in business.


    When it comes to insurance we know that the relationship with your insurance carrier and agent is often times made or broken during a claim. Keller Leopold understands that you should not have to “go at it alone” during a claim. At Keller Leopold you will not have to call a toll free number to report a claim, in fact we will turn in the claim for you and follow the claim all the way to its completion; making sure you the customer is taken care of properly.


    Let our farm department show you how Keller Leopold can be the difference maker in you insurance program. We are committed to making a difference for the Kansas Farmer. We are also licensed in the states of Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas, allowing us to better serve our region. Give us a call today or visit any one of our 5 locations.


  • Business

    If you own a business you know just how complicated, time consuming, and costly your business insurance can be. At Keller Leopold we believe it is our job to take the guesswork out of buying insurance. Insurance is not one size fits all, it should be very carefully tailored and customized to fit your specific business operation.


    Our commercial insurance department has over 150 years of combined experience insuring the businesses of Southwest Kansas and beyond. Being an agency of our size allows us the opportunity to have many valuable relationships with the top insurance carriers in the industry, thus giving us the ability to offer insurance coverage for just about any type of business.


    The way in which we take care of our customers we feel is paramount to our success. To us you are not just a number; we take great pride in making you a part of the Keller Leopold family. We do some very unique things that we feel we do better then anyone else in our field. When it comes to a claim we are with you every step of the way. We will turn in the claim for you and continue to watch the progress to make sure the claim gets handled promptly and to you satisfaction.


    There is a lot to know and understand about insuring your business. State or local regulations may determine minimum insurance requirements. It is our job at Keller Leopold to understand those requirements and to go beyond those requirements to correctly insure your business. Business Insurance Packages could include but are certainly not limited to the following coverages:



    •     Business Owners Policy (BOP)
    •     Workers Compensation
    •     General Liability
    •     Errors & Omissions
    •     Commercial Auto
    •     Commercial Property
    •     Professional Liability
    •     Group Benefits
    •     Business Income and Extra Expense


    No matter how big or small your business may be we at Keller Leopold understand the importance of having the right comprehensive business coverage in place. So give our commercial lines department a call today to see how Keller Leopold can make a difference in you business insurance coverage.

  • Auto

    One of the greatest exposures to risk that most people face on a daily basis is driving in their car. With that said auto insurance can be some of the most important and complicated insurance you will ever buy. Auto insurance can protect you against an under or uninsured motorist. It can protect you against property damage to others. It can also protect you and your passengers medically as well. Understanding what your auto policy does and doesn’t do is why Keller Leopold strives to be the best in our industry.



    ​With mandatory requirements for minimum coverage required by most states, it is important that you understand how your auto policy reads. And most importantly how those specific coverage’s will affect you in the event that you have to file a claim. It is our mission at Keller Leopold to make clear the choices you have available to you for your auto insurance. Our carrier options include but are not limited to the following:


    •     Farmers Alliance
    •     EMC
    •     SafeCo
    •     The Hartford
    •     Progressive
    •     Allstate
    •     State Auto


    We seek to pair you with the right company with the right set of coverage’s based on your unique and specific situation. While auto insurance can be written as a stand alone product, it is often paired with homeowner’s coverage either in the form of a homeowner’s or a renters policy. This will allow to obtain a multi-policy discount if written with the same carrier in most cases.


    Beyond finding the right company to place you with it is our priority to clearly explain the options of your auto insurance. For Example:


    •     Personal Injury Protection
    •     Deductible Options
    •     Towing and Labor
    •     Medical Payments to others
    •     Liability Limits
    •     Property Damage Limits


    These are just a few of the examples of the specific coverage’s that our insurance professionals discuss with you during the process.


    If you feel your auto insurance is in need of a check up, give us Keller Leopold a call today and let one of our agents show you how Keller Leopold can make a difference. Our coverage of autos is not all we do, be sure to ask about covering your classic auto, boat, motorcycle, camper, or R.V.



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