Philanthropy and volunteerism is a huge part of what makes a community successful. Where that philanthropy comes from is just as important. It takes an entire community to be successful in this endeavor. In particular, it takes good strong businesses and business and community leaders for community philanthropy to be successful.


We are proud to say that Keller Leopold Insurance takes the responsibility of giving back to the community very seriously. For many years in a row Keller Leopold and its employees have been a pace setter for the annual United Way Campaign. They have also contributed to the Garden City Community College Endowment, supported the St. Catherine Hospital Pro-Am, and supported the Finney County 4-H.


Keller Leopold’s involvement doesn’t stop at just giving charitable donations. You will find many of Keller Leopold’s employees serving on various non-profit boards and organizations such as The Downtown Vision, The YMCA, The Preservation Alliance, and The Leave a Legacy Foundation.


Giving back is a huge part of what makes us Keller Leopold. It is a part of our identity as an agency and as employees. With our new website and social media outlets it is our plan to share with you some of the things we do. This section of our website is not designed to pat ourselves on the back. It is simply a way to share our culture with you and to maybe inspire more people to get involved in the many great philanthropic causes in our communities.


So visit our site often to see what our great Keller Leopold employees are working on to make each of our communities a better place. If you have a cause that we need to know about, tell us, send us an email, “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We want to share what are customers are doing as well, so don’t forget to let us know.


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