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Keller Leopold has been securing the past, present and future for the residents of Southwest Kansas since 1943. In that 70 years we have built relationships that span 4 generations and have rooted ourselves in the communities we serve.  We continue to grow and now have agencies in several Western Kansas communities to provide the same quality of service.


Our commitment to our customers we feel is at the very core of our success. It is our goal to continue that way of life for another 70 years. While times and technology may change, nothing will be able to replace the relationship that we have with our customers. Please take this opportunity to surf our new website and enjoy the content and resources. Feel free to give us your feedback on what you think. Email or follow us on your favorite Social Media App. And again, thanks for visiting.




Our Mission


Keller Leopold Insurance is a group of individuals working together to be the superior provider of insurance in Western Kansas with service that meets the customers' needs. We demand excellence in our education, respect to each individual, in-depth analyses of the products available to us, and sincere commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, co-workers, and insurers. We strive to provide thoughtful, quality, creative solutions in an accurate and timely manner, be a professional and respected advocate of our customer, and make a significant contribution to the people and the communities we serve.


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